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Harold Rosario is a Miami-based artist that focuses in subject matter that deal with personal experience and or relationships. Primarily focusing on the medium of painting, he also has branched out into the digital format creating works like “The Power of Art” a photomontage consisting of over 1000 images to create a single image of the Art Class. Rosario’s work has been exhibited at venues in the Miami area included the BAC, Artcenter of South Florida, MOCA’s guests corridor and Redbar Gallery. His most ambitious work is a series entitled “The Opposite of Missiory” Here is an abstract from his explanition about the inspiration for this extensive body of work:
What is happiness? For me, it is something I can only imagine with the aid of knowing its opposite. Taoism will tell us that the path to happiness is through harmony. Nothing symbolizes this Ying Yang concept more than the union between a man and a woman during love. A Chinese proverb tells us “on the one side yin (a ‘man’) on the other yang (a ‘woman’) this is the essence of Tao.” Sex between a man and a woman expresses the same harmony as do day and night. These paintings chronicle a state of despair in which I used art to imagine the opposite. -HAROLD ROSARIO

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