abstract painting of sex two bodies convergingHarold Rosario

Harold Rosario is a Miami-based contemporary artist. Primarily focusing on the medium of painting, he has also branched out into the digital era, creating works like “Going for the Arts,” a digital photomontage consisting of stitched images to create impossible aerial perspectives. Recently, he has added to the definition of “Street Art” by embarking on a creative series titled Interact With Art. Here he uses social media to engage and awaken followers to the art which is all around us. Using clever sketches, props, poses and a bit of humor, the artist interacts with public art, architecture, sculptures, landscaping, culinary art and the endless supply of artforms that shapes our daily lives. What started as a personal challenge to push his creative potential, evolved into a campaign for art awareness.

Rosario’s work has been exhibited at a variety of venues in the Miami area including the Artcenter of South Florida, The BAC, the JCC Gallery, MOCA’s guests corridor and Redbar Gallery.

His most ambitious work to date has been “The Opposite of Missery.” This series of over 2 dozen oil paintings, captures the passion of the human embrance through a subtle play of shapes and forms meant to also express a personal past. The following excerp is an abstract from his thesis explaning this extensive body of work:

What is happiness? For me, it is something I can only imagine with the aid of knowing its opposite. Taoism will tell us that the path to happiness is through harmony. Nothing symbolizes this Ying Yang concept more than the union between a man and a woman during love. A Chinese proverb tells us “on the one side yin (a ‘man’) on the other yang (a ‘woman’) this is the essence of Tao.” Thus, between a man and a woman insists the same harmony as do day and night. These paintings chronicle a state in which I used art to imagine the opposite.


Harold Rosario


MA from Florida International University 2007

BFA from The University of Florida/New World School of the Arts 1999

AA from Miami Dade Community College 1997

AA Miami Fine Arts University

Study Abroad in France 2006

Study Abroad in China 2005


LMNT arts Wynwood “ELIXIR” group Show 2014

JCC Art Gallery Group Exhibit 2012

Group exhibit at Redbar Gallery Miami, Florida 2011

Group Show Exhibition at MOCA ( Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami Fl 2008)

Group Show “Small Works” at Borders Gallery Miami, Florida 2007

Honorable Mention at the “My City of Doral Painting Competition 2007”

Art Center of South Florida DAEA Juried Exhibition 2007

CQ Gallery Juried Show 2006

The Bakehouse Art Complex-DAEA Juried Exhibition 2004

Private Collection Commission for the Steve & Andrea Busher residence Pinecrest ,Floridac2002

New World Gallery 1999




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